ALRB Petition

Demand ALRB Count Our Votes

Dear Governor Brown:

This nation was founded on the principles of a free and fair election. It is time that the Agricultural Labor Relations Board upholds those principles and allows the decertification election votes cast by Gerawan farm workers be counted.

Farm workers have the right to choose whether or not to be part of a union. The union has tried to intimidate and coerce farm workers. They have showed up at workers’ homes, disrupted their lunch breaks and have even gone so far as to promise assistance with citizenship if farm workers support the union.

And yet, despite intimidation, harassment and false promises, the farm workers are still fighting for just one thing—to have their votes be counted.

It is time for you to stop listening to the union and start listening to the farm workers whose rights you are sworn to protect.

Tell the ALRB to count the Gerawan farm workers’ votes!


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